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The first AI martial art coach app that uplifts your skills

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"Awesome App for My Daughter's!"
I'm not into Taekwondo, but my 13-year-old daughter is. She's got a green-blue belt and was really impressed by what your app can do. She's strong enough but needs help with speed, and it seems your app can make her better over time. Thanks for your great work.
Bog. D.
"Promising App for Enhanced Training Progress"
The app and its concept are really cool. I can definitely see how it will benefit my training progress.
Simon W.
"Very good app"
Love this app! It's really helpful for making my kicks faster. Big improvements in my training. Thanks for creating such a great tool!
epicdeyvid - Mexico

How it works

Personal training,
powered by AI HIT Coach

HIT is an AI martial art coach app that takes your skills to the next level. Our AI algorithm will capture your performance and provide guided feedback.

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Technic & form

Full training

AI HIT Coach will track and analyze all your movements

Based on your technic and form your virtual coach will provide guidance in every workout to keep you progressing toward your goals.

Train like a pro


Measure all your key performance

Take your game to the next level with motion tracking technology that calculates the speed & reaction time of your punches and kicks.

Train like a pro

Reaction time

Measure all your key performance:

Take your game to the next level with motion tracking technology that calculates the speed & reaction of your punches and kicks.

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Interactive workout

Meticulously crafted workout for you by expert. We've got exactly what you need to meet your goals and add new classes frequently to keep things fresh.

Train like a pro

Try different fight sports

Advance in your disciplines or discover new ones to become the best of yourself, at home or on the move.

Train like a pro

Track your progress and compete against the best

Like a personal coach, HIT track your performance and customise your workout around your progress.

Train like a pro

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