Elevating Combat Sports with AI

At HIT Coach, we transform combat sports training through advanced AI and computer vision. Our app provides real-time analytics to optimize performance, prevent injuries, and elevate training techniques.

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Current training tools sucks

Combat athletes and coaches often struggle with inefficient training methods, leading to suboptimal performance and higher injury risks. Traditional techniques lack the precision and personalization needed for peak performance.

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We Measure, Track & Analyse

HIT Coach solves these challenges by offering detailed performance tracking and technique analysis. Our AI-driven platform analyzes speed, power, and form, providing actionable insights for targeted improvements and safer training routines.

Gamified workout

Get ready to level up your training! HIT Coach blends AI with augmented reality to turn your combat workouts into an epic game. Train hard and have fun!

The dream team behind this

Backed by over 45 years of combat sports expertise and cutting-edge technology, we understand the intricacies of athletic training. Our deep insights into AI and sports science uniquely position us to revolutionize combat sports training.

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Ismail Baran

Co-founder & CEO

He's been a tech entrepreneur for over ten years, turning a small consulting gig into a top agency. He created LIX PEN, a popular product that makes a million a year. He's won design awards and startup competitions. With twenty years in martial arts and a love for sport performance, he combines business know-how, design skills, leadership, and athlete-like discipline.

Emran Saleh

Co-founder & CTO

He has a PhD in Data Science and AI, focusing on computer vision. Starting as a Data Scientist and becoming a Vision Engineer, he combines technical skills with creative leadership. He's at the forefront of projects that use vision technology, with over ten years in tech. He simplifies complex ideas and is always innovating in his field.

Yawar Shah

Co-founder & Head of mobile

Holding a Computer Science degree, he transitioned from engineer to team leader in app development across 12 years. He merges technical expertise with innovation and leadership, pushing mobile technology forward. Through leading by example, he cultivates innovation, guiding the team to novel tech solutions.

Philippe Pinerd

Advisor - Olympic Coach

He's a seasoned coach with 45 years in sports, having trained top athletes and elevating national teams to glory. His coaching playbook includes rigorous workouts, mental toughness training, and crafting winning strategies. Now, he's the go-to guru for national team coaches looking to sharpen their skills and strategies.

Jaouad Achab

Advisor - World Champion

He's a pro Taekwondo athlete turned coach with an impressive record: two-time Olympian, three-time European and World Champion, and a former world number one. Representing Team Belgium, he's taken his high-flying kicks and strategic prowess from the mat to the coaching arena.

Mike G. Hansen

Advisor - Serial entrepreneur

He is an influential figure in Health, Fitness, and Technology, pioneering innovative solutions for over two decades. His entrepreneurial journey has led numerous startups from inception to multimillion-dollar ventures, highlighted by his recognition in the Top 100 by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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"Awesome App for My Daughter's!"
I'm not into Taekwondo, but my 13-year-old daughter is. She's got a green-blue belt and was really impressed by what your app can do. She's strong enough but needs help with speed, and it seems your app can make her better over time. Thanks for your great work.
Bog. D.
"Promising App for Enhanced Training Progress"
The app and its concept are really cool. I can definitely see how it will benefit my training progress.
Simon W.
"Very good app"
Love this app! It's really helpful for making my kicks faster. Big improvements in my training. Thanks for creating such a great tool!
epicdeyvid - Mexico